Optical Inspection

There are two kinds of Optical Inspection that take place at PSi.

The first is computerized inspection of the parts as they emerge from the  tool. Our vision systems are capable of making 2000 measurements per minute. Actual dimensions are used. If the feature is under or over a particular dimension, the press stops and the monitor displays a photo of the feature and the actual dimension that was measured. These vision systems are set up to measure the most critical dimensions on the part

The second type of vision system is an OGP video coordinate measuring machine where more of the part dimensions are checked to within .000020″. Routines are programmed in the machine and it automatically measures each feature and issues a printout of where we are in relation to the dimension within 25% of the tolerance, as well as printing the actual measurement taken.

We have recently purchased an OGP MVP 250 video coordinate measuring machine. Some new features include illumination through the use of an LED ring light with 8 sectors and 6 rings to bring shadows to their fullest use, stored images, software that produce first article forms and more.



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