Medical Industry

Precision Stampings, Inc. supplies contacts to the medical industry for use in portable image machines and patient monitoring devices.


PSI uses the most up to date computer hardware and software ensure superior engineering while reducing lead times.



A leader in supplying metal clips to the airline industry since the 70’s, PSI has over a million contacts in each passenger airplane built.


In the late 80’s PSI started making a major impact in the automotive industry, supplying over a billion contacts per year for power control modules, transmissions and GPS systems to name just a few.


PSI supplies world-class quality metal stampings for use in applications such as computers, smart phones, satellites and many others.

Established in 1966

Precision Stampings, Inc. is a cutting edge manufacturer of metal stampings...

for the medical, automotive, electronics, military, computer, and hardware industries. Our 36,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing and plating facilities in Beaumont, California and 10,000 square foot production facility in Concord, North Carolina reflect our commitment to innovative, technology-driven solutions to the challenges of today’s global marketplace.

When you need micro-miniature metal parts, Precision Stampings, Inc. is your best source. For more than 40 years, PSi has designed, built and delivered a wide variety of contacts and other metal stampings. We use the latest stamping technologies, high-speed presses and inspection equipment to produce micro to mini progressive metal parts. As the leader in precision stamping, PSi has the capacity to get you the right metal parts, right on time.

Reduce your supplier base by adding Precision Stampings! Let us handle all your engineering/design, tooling, production, heat treating and plating needs.

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In 1966 Precision Stampings, Inc. was founded with the goal to provide the connector... >

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