Heat Treating

In keeping with our core values of quality, innovation and vertical integration; our heat treating is done in house in order to save you time and money and to ensure consistent quality. As is the case with all elements in our operations our Heat Treating Department’s equipment is continually reviewed to ensure it is the best and most up to date available.

Our large-capacity modified Grieve ID 750 oven can heat treat parts up to a maximum of 800° in an inert nitrogen atmosphere. The interior dimensions of the Grieve oven are 36″ H X 36″ W X 48″ D or 36 CU.FT.

Heat treated samples are metallurgically cross-sectioned and mounted in accordance with ASTM E384-08a and ASTM E3-01 for microindentation hardness testing.

Cross-sectioned samples are tested on a Mitutoyo HM-122 Microhardness Tester with a Vickers diamond indenter. Readings can be quickly converted to Knoop or the appropriate Rockwell scale, depending on customer requirements

Heat treat certifications, consisting of heat treat charts and metallurgical reports, are included with every shipment.


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