California Facility


40,000 Square Feet
AutoCAD (Release 2002) plus DIEMAKER and Mech. Desktop software
Optical Gaging Products FOV Smart Scope Video CMM
3 PPT Vision Systems
1 DVT Vision Systems

(1) 60-Ton 4-Post 37” Bed Bruderer
(1) 22-Ton 4-Post Bruderer
(22) 30-Ton 3-Post Bruderer
(2) 45-Ton Straightside Bruderer
(3) 30-Ton Straightside Bruderer
(1) 45-Ton OBI
(5) Automatic Sleeving Machines/With PPT Vision Systems
(2) Automatic Sleeving Machines With DVT Vision System
Hole Drill A Pos 350 CNC/PC
2 AGIECUT Excellence  EDM
Agie Elox Mondo 2
(11) 6’ x 12” Surface Grinders
(2) 6’ x 18” Surface Grinders
12” x 24” Automatic Wet Grinder
(3) Bridgeport Mills
15” Lathe – Bandsaw
(1) Grieve – Modified ID 750
Partlow Chart Recorder/Controller
MaxTemperature to 800 Degrees
Atmosphere Controlled

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